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The teaching of Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya  at undergraduate level is carried out through the department Moalejat (Unani Medicine). Which has played a pivotal role in development of integrated teaching , clinical training and clinical research especially in various fields of Moalejat including Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya with utmost advancement.

The Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya has been given great emphasis by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India because of its enriched classical literature in Amraze Jild(Skin Disorders) along with Tazeeniyat (Cosmetology). AYUSH Ministry, Government of India has identified Unani Dermatology as an area of strength in Unani System of Medicine

Recently central council of Indian Medicine has notified in the Gazette notification, the new name of the Department for its further specialization , by adding Tazeeniyat ( Unani Cosmetology) in place of Amraz-e- Zohrawiya with our deptt.

Globally Unani System of Medicine have been recognized as an “Evidence based system of medicine”. we are continuously doing efforts with modern parameters to evolve formulations, guidelines and principles of treatment in the field of Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya and Tazeeniyat (Unani Cosmetology) with integrated approach.